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Maintain Comfort with Fast & Affordable Heating Products/Services from City Air GTA

Worry-Free Home Heating

City Air GTA keeps you warm all winter long. Our access to equipment and materials makes any installation or repair job of any furnace, boiler, or heat pump quick and relatively painless. For homes and businesses of all sizes, we are firmly dedicated to maintaining your comfort throughout the coldest parts of the year.

Comfy Warm House

Heating Equipment Options

City Air GTA knows that every building requires careful attention to fuel access, spatial area to be heated, and maintenance concerns. That’s why we are fully licensed and educated in a variety of heating technologies to help you make the best decision for your home.


Repairs, service and installation of natural gas powered furnaces. We will advise the perfect unit for the size of your home.


Boilers need love too. We are standing by to install or repair your boiler to make sure it is running at optimal efficiency.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are becoming a popular way to add supplemental heating and cooling to your home. Heat pump sales and service.


Electric or gas fireplaces require occasional maintenance in order to operate at peak efficiency. Get the most out of your fireplace.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is another supplementary heating system that can be used to level out your energy costs. Talks to us!

HRV Systems

Heat recovery ventilator systems are designed for Canadian winters. Maintain your humidity levels and comfort with an HRV.

Preferred Brands

Over the years we’ve established a list of preferred brands to work with. They represent durability, affordability, and availability.

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